Friday, September 15

Joseph Facal je vous présente Herbert Grubel

Joseph Facal dans le Journal de Montréal:
"Prenez par exemple l'immigration. Je ne connais pas une seule personne intelligente et bien informée qui ne reconnaisse pas les bienfaits de l'immigration."
-Anguille sous roche, Mercredi 30 Août

ces prétendus bienfaits nous coûtent cepedant 18 milliards à chaque année:

New Paper Points to Growing Conflict Between Canada’s Welfare State and Increased Immigration

The paper cites official statistics showing that recent immigrants, on average, have lower incomes than comparable Canadians even after 10 years’ residence in Canada. As a result of these lower incomes, the progressive income tax structure of the Canadian welfare state and the universal availability of government benefits have resulted in substantial transfers from other Canadians to these immigrants. Grubel estimates the transfer to immigrants who arrived between 1990 and 2002 is approximately $18.3 billion every year, based on 2002 data.


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