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imaginez la scène

Imaginez la scène décrite dans l'article ci-dessous dans le contexte québécois : Daniel Johnson, Lucien Bouchard, Jean Chrétien, Jean Charest et Denys Arcand se donnant des tapes dans le dos et Jacques Parizeau présentant un vidéo rendant hommage à Paul Desmarais qui est l'invité d'honneur lors d'une soirée pour une levée de fonds organisée par l'Association des Arabes de Montréal et évidemment le tout à l'abri des média qui ne voudraient pas semer le doute dans la tête de leurs consommateurs qui s'imaginent que les politiciens sont autre chose que des semi-marionettes.

La lecture de ces deux articles devrait vous aider à comprendre qui tient les rênes du pouvoir aux États-Unis et pourquoi les distinctions Démocrates/Républicains sont dépassées et comme seulement une petite minorité de Démocrates et de Républicains veulent défendre leur pays de l'invasion par les hordes de mexicains et des masses d'humains du tiers monde la seule étiquette qui leur convient est celle de traîtres.

Jewish Group Honors Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes
The Forward
June 17, 2005

Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News, was the guest of honor last week at a gala dinner of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, held at The Plaza Hotel. The council is an umbrella body that coordinates some 60 local New York Jewish organizations and represents them to the government, and the feting of the combatively conservative media chief, a media adviser to presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr., raised some eyebrows. One council member group, The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring, protested the choice of Ailes as "very divisive." But a host of luminaries from the left as well as the right turned out to applaud, including Miramax Films founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who bought a full-page ad in the dinner journal, and former president Bill Clinton, who prepared a video greeting that saluted "red-state Roger" for his concern for "security for the State of Israel and peace in the Middle East." Ailes, in his own comments, defended his controversial network. "I sometimes get angry when the media doesn't defend democracy," he said. "We will represent the truth, but we don't get up each morning assuming our country" is guilty. The event raised $1 million, a new record, according to JCRC executive vice president Michael Miller.

il y a quelques années:

AIPAC president to lead Democrats
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Steve Grossman shed his official Democratic posts in 1992 when members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee elected him as their president. Now, Grossman has come full circle, resigning his AIPAC affiliations to become the next national chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

President Clinton this week tapped the Newton, Mass., businessman and longtime Jewish activist for the post.

After next week's vote by the party's membership -considered a mere formality - Grossman will assume the day-to-day operations of the DNC. Colorado Gov. Roy Romer will serve as its general chairman.

Grossman said he was resigning his position as chairman of the board at AIPAC, the pre-eminent Jewish lobby, because "AIPAC is a non-partisan organization with bipartisan leaders. It would not be appropriate for the chair of AIPAC to also serve as chair of a national party."

"One part of my life will always be dedicated to grass-roots activism in the Jewish community," Grossman said in a telephone interview Tuesday from his Boston-area office. "My commitment to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship is unwavering."

AIPAC officials said Mayer Mitchell, a former AIPAC chairman, would resume that title to replace Grossman.


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